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NOTGOAP: Bedside manners

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There's nothing else to compare.

There in the sunshine state is a dreamy spot where dreams are made. Or, at the very least, memories. 
I remember standing in a man-made pool of manta rays. 
The water is warm. There is sand and gentle waterfalls. Everyone wants to make happy before the clouds that threaten to roll in steal the day. 
The rays glide silently and skillfully. That's how they're made. I admire them and you do, too, for the briefest of moments. 
We're startled out of our fantasy when a red-trunked troublemaker crashes into us. He's loud and even rowdier than you. You fall and the rays scatter. 
The water isn't so deep. Your head is just above. I can still reach you. Even with my earnest efforts, you have the hardest time recovering. Your bare feet keep slipping on the rocks beneath the surface. 
I had done my best to convince you to keep your shoes on. I'd chosen some special, just for the dangerous occasion of navigating slippery rocks for the first time. I thought of everything ba…

Come on and work it on out.

It's a little late in the season but he wakes and yawns and stretches until the fuzziness in his brain subsides. The time has come so he awkwardly folds his blanket and stuffs it away in the corner of his cave. Just around the corner, sunshine is streaming in. He sees dust floating in the air around him. 

It has been a long winter.

Shuffling past his friends and family, he makes his way into the wide world. The sun is brighter and hotter than he'd remembered. The air isn't so gentle as he'd prefer but the view from here is gorgeous. He can see clearly the green that's pushing through the melting snow.

Spring will arrive just in time, every time.

Still, he'll have to gain his own strength and learn it again. He treads lightly through the forest floor. He's hungry but it's not like before when he enjoyed paws full of mulberries and then crushing chokeberries with his big teeth. He has a particular goal in mind this time. He picks up the pace in view of the fru…

Don't put your blame on me.

Discontent with silence, you begin again with the lowest of murmurs. It's barely audible so as not to arouse suspicion. Your murmurs turn to humming but it's a cold and calculating song, meant to entrance and, when the moment is right, deceive.

With the bat of an eyelash, your make your move, whispering seductively into the ear of the one who  desperately needs your words.

"I'd never wish to offend, of course," you sing, high and clear. And you have her right where you want.

Oh, the integrity. Oh, the kindly heart.  Oh, the regret.
The need to believe.

Blink, blink.

It's hard to say where the deception began. Was it the serpent or the women God gave you? Wickedness lays all Her cards on the table but it's obvious enough where it ends.

I heard how your voice cracked. The shame you desperately need to unleash is reverberating.

Bravo. You own it all.

Hasn't there been enough pain and tears and regret for your liking? Won't you just retreat to your c…

We gotta let go of all our ghosts.

Poor Charlie rambles around all the night long, panting with her unexplained anxiety. To our eyes, it's only a little rain. To Charlie, it's utterly overwhelming as she seems certain it will overtake her.
She often refuses to go out and I'm frustrated because I need that task crossed off my list. Charlie shakes but stands her ground. There's nothing for it when she gets like that.
We all say the same words to her and I wonder if she recognizes the sounds as encouragement or if rational thought has been replaced by an embrace of the irrational. Every kind word falls on deaf ears as Charlie cannot hear for the sound of her rapid breath and beating heart.
She likes the alpha male and solely trusts him. Nevertheless, even he cannot calm her when the thunder roars inside her head.
At our old house, though she had a covered sun room in which to take refuge, she'd still cry under the shed. In the mud. What a mess she was. Muddy fur isn't easily remedied. She creat…

Do you like it uptown?

You aren't the only thing l write about. Or think about, for that matter. It's just that, this time of year, I struggle to keep you out of my thoughts.

You were, after all, my Favorite, once upon a time. How can I just forget?

Do you ever wonder how we got here and, more importantly, recognize your role in the undoing of Us?

In every bit of reflection and self-examination I can muster, I definitively see my fault as failing to walk away on that very first day. Even in that tragic mistake, my motives were pure. My reactions punctuate my ignorance in an impossible situation. For every action in every moment after, I can say, without a hint of uncertainty, my conscience is clear.

Still and all, it's nearly an unbearable shame that the innocent still suffer. And, just for the record, lest you are smug in the knowledge that the broken bits of us keep crawling back, note that the rest are limping along without desperately seeking a victimizer's approval.

The fundamental dif…

"Friendship and sharing were important. But, everyone knew that." ~ Cranberry Thanksgiving

Lan Dan is a gentleman of a fellow.

He is eager to share what he knows. He always smiles for photos, except that one time when he stuck his tongue out. He has a VERY tidy pencil case. He is happy to be here.

Lan Dan is a gentleman of a fellow.

Lan Dan likes to answer all the questions because he just happens to know all the answers and I can always count on him to keep things moving along.

He knows all the states and the vowels and even what consonants are but he's not as good at some things as his little brother and that's for the best because that keeps LD gentlemanly.

Lan Dan is a gentleman of a fellow and he aims to please.

Once, he accidentally said someone's drawing looked like poop but I know he didn't really mean it. He accidentally made his gal pal upset so she said she wasn't going to be his friend anymore, in spite of how gentlemanly is LD's track record.

Lan Dan says his mom told him that even if someone says they aren't your friend that, really…