Timidly, timidly.

In my twenties, I was chatting with my life long friend on the phone. More than chatting really. It was late and we were trying to get deep. She was amused by the epiphany I was having about myself that I was, in fact, NOT that good of a person. In my experience, this realization happens as one is humbled by Life. It's cliche for a reason. A 20 year old young lady envisions herself having it much more together than she does at double her age.

Case in point: It's noonish and I have only recently gotten out of my pajamas and that's only because the Lowe's delivery truck showed up with my new Scratch and Dent Fridge.

With timidity, I throw in with you lot.


  1. Thanks to http://pilesofwashing.blogspot.com/ for hosting the Weekend Rewind.

  2. I think most 20 somethings are still in bed at noon. Non? Thanks for Rewinding x

  3. Nice one. I think we are always our biggest critics, I think the same thing about myself often. Too often in fact.


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