I am crazy about Freddy. I don't know why because he is useless and kinda dumb. He does not provide protection and he consistently pees under my armoire. He runs out of the house and has been known to steal chicken from people's grills and chocolate cake from people's carports. Once, when chasing him down, we discovered he had been going in a neighbor's house and making himself at home on the couch. He's not right, that Fred. He doesn't cuddle with me all the times that I want him to and he will stand on your chest while you lay down, which is painful. Around here, we have come to think of him as a Handsome Devil. He's pretty good for lookin' at, although I am pretty sure he suffers from anxiety. I attribute that to inbreeding. He's the first dog I ever bought. That's a terrible way to spend one's money. Especially if you are getting a deal like we got with 'ole Fred. I kiss him on the snout even though I think dogs are kinda gross and they smell. I feel special when he lays up against my leg. Like he chose me or something and not like it's the warmest place to be at the time. I like Freddy. I dare say, I love 'im.

He is annoying though.


  1. Nice progression- I wasn't sure until the 2nd paragraph if he was a pet or a man!

    Visiting from weekend rewind

  2. Ha! Thank you for stopping by!


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