And more ways...

• I seriously considered letting my teeth rot out of my head rather than endure another second at the dentist.

• I put off getting serious about my exercise program (or lack of, as it were). Again.

• I failed to make lesson plans in a timely fashion although I know I will regret this tomorrow.

• We ate out too many times this week. (Reversely, this inspired me to plan 7 meals, grocery shop on Sunday in anticipation of the week, precook 3 meals, wash and prep veggies and reorganize the Scratch and Dent ).

• I left a sink full of dirty dishes overnight after above cooking spree.

• I definitively declared that, on the next shopping trip for 13yo ManChild, I absolutely would not buy any jeans that said "skinny" or especially "low rise" and then caved within a half hour of being in the department store.

And my final act of being Not That Good Of A Person...