I can say bitchy but you can't.

Lovin' Man left for work just before dinner time. "Work" means a guitar, a head set and a group of European tourists set for a southern States cultural experience. Well, maybe they're Australians. I was watching a doc with my high maintenance boy about online predators because we needed to get a few things straight. Being not that good of a person AND it being my birthday week and all, I forwent dinner preparation and got bbq. Tops. Because they're tops in barbeque, see?

Grumpy and/or foul for the majority of the evening despite a swing in the garden with the new Yann Martel, I really let 'em have it. The following is a list of grievances:

• There are those among us who swipe office supplies. Repeatedly.

• There are those among us incapable of properly cleaning floors.

• There are only 2 among us who are capable of pushing in the dining room chairs.

• There are those among us who use the gardening soil that was meant for blue chrysanthemums.

• There are those among us who litter the computer desk with unwanted items.

• There are those among us easily irritated at petty grievances.

Lovin' Man returns.
"Do you have anything to eat for me? If you have something healthy, that would be good...
By something healthy, I don't mean barbeque and salad."


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