These things that never argue with me.

The roses came with the house. Red, pink, coral, melon and yellow. I felt an obligation for their upkeep as the former matriarch of this home had legendarily cared for them for some 40 years. I never met her as her passing resulted in the selling of her home to us. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to honor her memory by loving on her plants. Mainly because I didn't want her children to drive by their childhood home and miss The Way It Was.

Much energy went into the roses the first spring and it paid off. They were glorious. It's just that, I secretly began resenting them. Although lovely, roses can be very demanding as was told me by a master gardener doing a library workshop:
"Hun, do as much as you enjoy. When they become a chore, you are doing too much," said she.


Welcome lilies, purple cones, misbehaving dahlias, some hostas, blue chrysanthemums, black eyed susans and zinnias.

Gaining siblings has enhanced the beauty of Mrs. Janet's roses.


  1. Roses are beautiful, but yes, they can be a pain in the arse to care for. Those gerberas are just as lovely.

  2. I know exactly your predicament! We inherited a rose garden here too when we moved in 4 yrs ago. Damn that couch grass, it is so determined to take over the world. The roses are constantly fighting for enough sunlight and, although he had them looking beautiful, the last owner (Rest his soul, now) had every hour of any given day to tend them. Unlike us.

    I love your complementary/replacement plant choices.


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