This is what a cat will do for you.

I have a system for laundry. I fold it up and leave it on the table in people's spots. The theory is this: One must remove one's neatly folded and stacked laundry before one can eat. I still nag but, in theory, it's a good system. Other systems include stacking small, bumpy items on the top of the pile so as to make a less appealing nesting site for our old lady cat. She enjoys freshly, folded laundry nests. Old lady cats might be smarter than me. Clearly, it's Not That Good Of A System.

Other nuisances perpetrated by cats include: walking on piano keys in the middle of the night, meowing outside Food Lady's window right as she gets cozy, litter boxes, claw sharpening on the Good Couch, claw sharpening on the door frame, jumping on counters during meal preparation, refusal to eat dog food even though the dogs are perfectly content to eat cat food and random hissing at fellow cats causing a ripple effect among all present pets. Possibly the most annoying act is when the old lady takes up residence between the pillows on my bed. If kicked out, she scratches at the bedroom door and yowls. It's scary. She sounds like a cartoon witch. Lovin' Man feels sorry for her because she's old and "she's my first lady". She's back in.

She snores and her engine is broken and loud.

That's what a cat will do for you.

It's just that I REALLY like kittens.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by even though it was tiny bit spammy. :)


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