I planted the lilies because I needed something to make me feel better during some trying mornings.

Hopeless, desperate, and needing something pretty to share in, I planted two bunches purchased from Lowe's. The reddish ones didn't make it and I haven't seen them since.
But the yellows...

A high maintenance boy says I'm not a real gardener because my lilies didn't originate from seed but isn't that like saying an adoptive mother isn't a real mom? They've matured and expanded and blossomed in my garden and I couldn't ask for more.
Buttery Rich and lovely.

Hmph. High maintenance boys don't know the difference between Origination and Maintenance.


  1. Love lillies. These will look so beautiful when they bloom. Tell HMB that it's not the planting, it's the maintaining that requires gardening skill.

  2. What would HMB know? These are definitely your babies. Thanks for Rewinding x


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