A fine piece of liberal proproganda and true dat.

Hello, Drug Company. You make good drugs. It helps us all cope better and provides much needed relief. We have tried other drugs but yours...well, it is better suited for the likes of us. However dull and drowsy we are rendered, we find your product essential for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit.

Regardless of at least a partial commitment to capitalism, I would be remiss not to illuminate the inhumanity in pharmaceutical costs.

It's mysterious how one little pill could cost so much to produce. One would assume such an expense was a luxury item if it was not marketed for purposes of physical and mental wellness.
With a full commitment to giving all the benefit of grace, I am nevertheless perplexed by a single pill valued at upwards of $25. A nefarious disparity? Or as another exploited customer describes it,

A Moral Outrage.


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