"You can come
while your heart feels numb;
You could just lie down;
And rest.

Or lift your eyes
To the open sky;
We could come alive."

-M. Gungor

I often credit having to sing to all the birthday boys and girls while waiting tables at Spaghetti Warehouse for propeling me, at least partially, out of my introvertedness. The first time, I was terrified but determined. Being highly motivated by tips, I threw caution to the wind, took command of my station by enlisting everyone to sing along. We sang Happy Birthday to Stuart Somesuch but I was celebrating the Moxie of Me. It was a big deal. Not as big as I thought at the time, as it turns out.

Nineteen can conquer the world with a birthday song.
Forty stills agonizes over every social gathering:
Hat Wearing -
What Was Said -
What That Meant -
My Feet Are Too Wide

As it turns out, you just can't cure crazy.


  1. I've been meaning to tell you that the sound of your singing voice is so lovely it dang near brings me to tears. Seriously.

    Also, I've given up trying to cure crazy. Now I'm learning to make peace with it, and to be a vocal advocate for crazychicks everywhere. We're here! We're... weird...Get used to it!

  2. Thank you, MM! I don't remember when you've heard me sing but I know we've discussed wierd things many times.


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