A little less overcompensation.

I realize it's 2011 and we are Woman and such. I just can't embrace the neofeminism that protrays every woman on the big screen as sexual predators, overbearing, materialistic or physical assailants. Society may have overcompensated for the victimized. A wholesome role model is not to be found for my daughter.

• Is it antiquated to be soft and gentle while maintaining dignity?
• Do all women have to have "guns" in place of lovin' arms?
• Is it necessary for pregnant celebs to sport 4 inches of cleavage? (Take a break from bringing sexy back while your body is doing life.)
• Doesn't it still make sense to save Some for later, girls?

• Cat fights...Really???


  1. I don't buy into it either. I think it's another prescribed version of 'femininity' and I get annoyed when I'm made to feel I should behave that way rather than be myself.
    While not wanting to instigate a cat fight - because they frustrate the hell out of me too - I'm often disappointed when I come across women who seem to be deliberately non-soft and non-gentle, and are instead loud and brash and tough-talking because they seem to think that's the only way to gain attention and respect. I want to tell them 'tone it down for god's sake! You can still make your point by talking at a normal level'. (Well, it works for me, anyway).
    Just my take on things, but it's nice to see someone else is wondering the same things that I do at times.

  2. I wonder how much is real and how much is just what the media chooses to show us. So the preg celebs might be dressed up for a night out but what about the other 30 nights that month when they were home in their designer trackie pants?

  3. If a girl insists on being that fabulous all the time, then we can't be friends. Too much pressure and I don't want her around my man. :P

  4. Girl, that right there should be a bumper sticker! lol.

  5. Oh, and although I do not always come across as soft and/or gentle, I do envy those who so easily do. The thing that drives me even more crazy than the media's portrayal of women is their portrayal of men. Turn on any commercial and you are bound to find some snotty wife barely tolerating her bumbling, ineffectual husband. Sometimes even the kids get a shot at rolling their eyes at the poor idiot. This really, really chaps my hide. My husband left art school and moved across an ocean to marry me, and now he works ten hour days (NOT in his chosen field), then comes home and takes care of my crazy, half-crippled ass. I'm not always a ray of sunshine, either, let me tell you. My favorite ad is the Yoplait one with the lady going on to her friend about all the wonderful desserts she's been eating, while a clearly starving man rifles through the refrigerator
    looking for said delicacies. She has the nerve to assume her most condescending tone, and, without even covering the receiver says to him "Hon, WHAT are you doing?". He's looking for FOOD, you shrew; what do you THINK he's doing? Is the man no longer allowed to even look into his own fridge? Maybe if there was some food in there besides yogurt, he wouldn't be brain dead. Ah, but I digress...

  6. I have noticed that trend, too. Yet another example of feminism gone awry. I like voting and education and choices but don't feel it's necessary to emasculate the men in my life as a result. Having sons gives a unique perspective as well.
    Having said that, we will never obliterate chauvinism, despite Hollywood's best (albeit shallow) efforts.

  7. Things swing too far in one direction or another before reaching equilibrium. A very provocative post HeeWho! Thanks for Rewinding it x


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