Night prowling.

As I walk through the house, I pass a dog at the foot of the bed, a dog on a couch, a cat on a dog bed, a cat on a brown chair, a cat on a desk chair.

I need water because I thirst. It's one of Those Nights. I am miserable in a cyclical battle of fluid.

I can't sleep with the water coming and going all the night and my feet are swollen. So are my hands. I am in the bed, on the couch, too hot, too cold.
I drink and drink. Look around and note dusty things and cluttered shelves. I'm gonna get to that. Soon. But for now, I need rest because I have to get up early and proctor an achievement test so I shuffle back to my bed and Lovin' Man's tiny snores.

I pass a cat on a desk chair, a cat on a brown chair. Double take at a cat now on a couch and a dog on her bed. Henry the Cat is out prowling. Maybe for water.

Freddy has Lovin' Man sleeping in a Z.