When I say Not That Good I mean lazy.

• It's been over 24 hours since I washed the drapes in the front window but I still haven't put them back up.

* To be fair, I had good intentions yesterday but couldn't do it alone.

• The litter box is not right.

• My car still has yellow dots from the birthday messages left by a friend in the wee hours of the morning. In April.

* To be fair, I have a Groupon thingy for a car detailing and that oughtta do it.

• I have failed to make an appointment with said car detailer even though I confirmed the Groupon purchase during my birthday week. In April.

• I started 2 books and have finished neither.

* To be fair, I am very close with each but lost interest in both.

• I have entered the Boy Part of the house only briefly and only twice in the last week.

* To be fair, I am not certain I have the immunities I need to go near a Boy bath.

• The above statement embarrasses my high maintenance boy.

• I thoroughly dusted the bookshelves but not the picture book section.

* To be fair, the last time I went there, I had an emotional breakdown which resulted in uncontrollable tears.

• That was last year.

* To be fair, I did give 'em a good swipe.