Having a set.

"Don't you set down on the steps cause you finds it's kinder hard."
~ Langston Hughes

The sky is green. It appears as if through green hued lenses. At least, that's how Man Child describes it. He keeps up a running commentary on the State Of Things while I rush through the dinner prep of spicy beef stir fry with eggy rice, recipe compliments of Jamie Oliver. The dish, newly christened Ginger Beef, is almost perfected but, tonight, I burn the rice and the rest is too greasy. I am nervous and wondering a) when Lovin' Man will safely return from the outside world of thunder storms and sirens and
b) when/if we should take shelter in the master bath.
Lovin' Man is an armchair meteorologist and I barely know how to read a radar so I am relieved when he comes in and gives the All Clear. I trust him more than the weather man and Jamie Oliver.

Now it's quiet again after an eventful post storm frolicking of neighborhood kids running around getting pjs muddied and catching fireflies. It's just that I can't shake the voices from the youtube video of the Joplin residents taking shelter in a convenience store as a nearly mile wide twister wipes homes off the map and leaves a rising body count.

I do not want to think about it but there it is. Vacationing in Missouri last month, we witnessed record flooding, Belongings ensnared in a watery wilderness.

They moved us to higher ground but the view was dismal.