Cuddling kitty cats.

Batman blankets and butterfly pillows litter the room formerly known as the Learning Lounge. The furniture is couched together to create an environment conducive to tent building. Packing tape was involved. All the while, a whiny, tiny person pouts over the inevitable phone call from the girlfriend. Tent building is a skill acquired over years of indoor "camp outs". It's been awhile.

My high maintenance boy is the life of that party. Let's have a camp out. Let's make a tent. Let's watch a movie. Let's share treats. Bring a flashlight. Let's have a stir of imagination.

Just as everyone is enthusiastically convinced, the fancy flies away. High maintenance boys have contagious, detailed energy but short attention. High maintenance boys can lead but don't care. High maintenance boys have patience for In Particular Moments. High maintenance boys need to be distracted before they can settle in. And they'll be long gone by the time you've caught up.

Enjoy it while you can because it's no fun without him.