Hotter than a match head.

Summer is stifling humidity but winter is cold feet.
Summer is mean to the garden and it's always thirsty but Winter is vitamin D deficiencies.
Summer is biting buggies but winter is itchy, dry calves.
Summer is wet swimsuits, wet towels and drips but Winter is lethargic afternoons.
Summer is fleeting but winter is crawling.
Summer is Activity Director but Winter is Homeschool Mom.
Summer is late nights and later mornings but winter is worse.
Summer is one too many doorbell buzzes but winter is too many chores.
Summer is Ice Cream Man but winter is Tax Man.
Summer is breaking and winter is drowning.


  1. Beautiful verse. It is truly amazing how the seasons can affect people emotionally. Popped in from the rewind.

  2. Icecream and taxman - so very different! Seasons can make me smile or cringe. I much prefer summer, but sometimes just want the comfort of a woodfire. Popped in/following from rewind too.

  3. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoyed a blog or two from both of you as well!

  4. Summer's are all about early mornings and late nights for me. I definitely prefer the longer days but like the light of winter. It is good that they both come each year! Thanks for Rewinding x


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