I'm with you rain or shine.

One season we had a marine biologist on our hands. Mountains were moved round and he found himself on a faux tropical island, complete with reggae and barbecue chicken. The sunscreen was thick and uneven to protect the wildlife. Sharks lived in the water. And rays without stingers. There was a lazy river which was preferable to snorkling, although he tried his hand. Fantastic birds of color resided along the lazy river. And fish. Excited to have his day because you are only Eleven once, he stopped to admire a dolphin. He was given a wet suit. Then the dolphin took him away for a swim and there was joy.

The Brazilians had the best spot under an awning with a clear view for photos and it was hot near the shore. Camera in hand, I blinked back tears under baking central Florida sun as I watched that dolphin kiss my Big Son.

I love to see him smile.