Jamie Oliver, you change my life.

At least as far as cooking is concerned. He has a fabulous smart phone app and so far, I've added at least six meals to my repertoire that we love. At least as far as adults plus one adventurous (and high maintenance) boy are concerned.

I'm a bad feminist and it gives me indescribable joy when Lovin' Man praises my cooking. He's impressed by lemon zest and fresh ginger and salad spinners so I'm pretty big time nowadays. Of course, Beautiful Daughter keeps me humble, curling little lips and unfairly execrating Jamie and his kitchen virtues. You can't win them all, Jamie, and she'll learn.

I did. My mother raised me on fine southern cooking with temporary health conscious detours into mandatory wheat germ sprinkles and frozen yogurt pies. As an Aiming To Please Gram, she's done with that nonsense, embracing Salty and Fried Deliciousness for the sake of her men. (She's a really bad feminist.) She claims she taught me to cook under duress but I don't believe her as I'm certain I was never that snotty teenager. Lip curling, I launched capable into my own kitchen, thanks to her chicken fajitas and mashed potatoes.

In the early days, it was Frugal Gourmet and America's Test Kitchen and the occasional foray into some Italian dish. Jamie's my guy now, leading me into the unknown of carbonara, risotto and fresh mint. Pretty classy, ain't it? I even acquired my own grater for fresh parmesan.

Food Lovin' Man is so satisfied.


  1. Jamie has an app? I will have to check it out. I love his enthusiasm especially about kids and healthy eating. Thanks for the heads up and happy cooking!

  2. You are SO upmarket now. Pukka, and all that. I love Jamie Oliver. Anyone who can bring fresh food back into kitchens gets my vote.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  3. Pukka. I had to look that up. The Urban Dictionary is not kind to Jamie.


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