Jeremiah 29:11

It's 2:15. A.M. I do not sleep. I wonder. Fret. Dig dig dig.

I try podcasts. I can learn that way and, armed with knowledge, my anxiety subsides. Meanwhile, I could just pop in on the Amazon app to see what book I might need. Eventually, I will have 3 or 6 or so on the subject and be fairly qualified to write one myself. All these questions lead to more questions and I cannot differentiate the answers from the anxiousness.

Blurred by a waning memory, I consider the insanity of doing what has already been done over and over. It is safer, perhaps, to stay the current course. There are less Unknowns. Not knowing is the worst. But how can I Know until I Do?

Lovin' Man listens and supports but these are my thoughts to ponder, mine to bear. Eventually, he's going to sleep.

Accompanying my indecision, are doubts, fears and regrets. Can I judge the future by the past? Isn't the obvious glaring for a reason? It's just that the choices are only Lessers of Evils. Some may even compromise my world view.

I do pray. And seek comfort. I get tired of myself. The plans He has for me are to prosper without harm, for a hopeful future.

This oughtta fix me and it does.