A precious gem, that's what you are.

It just couldn't be helped. With reluctance, I accepted my choices were grim. This red azalea bush was not flourishing in my garden and must transplant. Too much sun, perhaps? Brown and leafless. I couldn't bear to see it this way. My best efforts with Miracle Grow and daily water failed to produce a single bloom last season. Facing the finality of the situation, off it went to the side yard where pesky weeds are abundant.

I don't get to enjoy it as much, out of the way like that. Truth be told, it's no better in the shade but this is a time of trial for red azaleas. I always hope.

A seasonal flower pot sits in it's place, atop fresh mulch. I planted some winter pansies a while ago but it's already June and the days are numbered.

It might take a while to figure this out so I bide my time.

I would really love to see zinnias grow there but I just can't find the motivation.