Things I know.

• My daughter can be bribed into learning to swim with a Littlest Pet Shop fox.

• The movie Company Men has superfluous bad words, seeming extra loud when my daughter plays Littlest Pet Shop (fox edition) in the next room.

• It takes eight hours to get a 13 year old boy's room thoroughly cleaned and painted.

• A 13 year old boy's room is disgusting.

• Rather than paint and clean a 13 year old boy's room, my husband will run all the mom errands.

• My back is not as strong as it used to be.

• I am more accountable with To Do lists on paper than android apps.

• Mascarpone gelato is unrivaled.

• Missing dust pans can be found in 13 year old boy's closets.

• I don't care what happens at the end of Company Men.


  1. Paper to-do lists work out so much better for me too!

  2. Same for me. Paper to-do-lists are much more likely to be completed, if my daughter doesn't find it first.


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