If the sun should tumble from the sky.

Lovin' Man, a radical vegetarian in his former life, is unhappy this day. There is no more heavy whipping cream or lovely grilled croutons. He longs for beefy stir frys and olive oil drenched chicken with mash. Bacon is out.

In an effort to confound my body and determine the cause of certain ailments, I have taken to eating a raw diet. Not permanently, of course, but you wouldn't know that from the look on their faces. Apparently, I have insulted most of my family by insisting that salad, deliciously hearty with cannelini beans, is an appropriate main course. Likewise, fresh pineapple spears are not a worthy dessert for a house full of chocophiles. Deplorable, to be sure.

"Where's the meat?" "I'll just have corn." "How about we go out to eat?" "Mom, what's your favorite food besides salad?" "Somewhere along the way, I became a man."

Truth be told, all commentary may or may not have been mild as I had no caffeine today either. Truth be told, they may or may not be biding their time expecting Lovin' Man to give into their demands for frozen yogurt. Truth be told, they may or may not be slightly apprehensive as I may or may not have formerly behaved monstrously when confronted by complaining children at the dinner table. Truth be told, I may or may not have a captive audience for experimentation as I am the food lady and they aren't.

I did feed them hot dogs with homemade slaw for lunch.


  1. sounds like an interesting experiment! I am working on implementing a much healthier eating regime in our household too and it is being met with varying degrees of appreciation as well. I sympathise!

  2. I'd complain, too, if you fed me raw cannellini beans. :)


  3. Ha! Of course they came from a can.


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