Lightening the load.

My lovin' man is being mean to me as he packs. I have already packed my suitcase and need only add the last minute items at the last minute, carefully, to a large back pack owned by a large man child. I also require a messenger bag to include travel info, contact case, various medication, sun glasses, a Nook charger, etc. but he is refusing to carry either of these onboard as his allowed second bag demanding that I consolidate my two bags into one. This is not right.

I am generally a light packer. I don't fuss. However, we are attending an event which requires two outfits a day. Plus a flat iron because it's that kinda party. I have plotted and planned for weeks, streamlining for days. He, on the other hand, has not. Procrastination. This seems reason enough for me to be the deserving recipient of the Extra Bag.

I even offered to share my oversized backpack. There's plenty of room for his softs and wouldn't that be simple? Stubbornly refusing to recognize my special needs or my packing prowess, he does not budge. "You are gonna have to get off your phone and figure out how to pack your TWO bags while I pack MY two." Anyone can see the iniquity I face.

It's going to be cumbersome, carrying my heavy, man child sized backpack around the airports. His southern genteelness won't allow me to be the one and, then, he'll see the error of his ways.