No, they can't take that away from me.

This spring, on a visit to Laura Ingalls Wilder's home, I was silly with emotion from beginning to end. To be fair, I spent countless girlhood days reading, watching and contemplating the prairies and big woods and farmer boys prior to my miniature breakdown.

Starting in the Wilder's kitchen, every little thing was custom built by Almanzo. Petite versions of cabinets, window nooks, tables and chairs. Almanzo built to accommodate his petite Laura. Almanzo engineered hot water for his Laura inside their bitty kitchen. His elaborately clever system took months to perfect but would prevent endless trips to the water supply outdoors. Our guide was quick to point out that Laura protested over all the bother. She didn't mind so much. The extra work. Almanzo was a Good One, determined to ease her burden. Loving men inspire unrelenting tears in a little house full of strangers.

Man Child: Mom, if you need to drive to Texas I will go with you. I don't want you to go alone.
Man Child: Mom, I don't like it when you're upset.
Man Child: I hope you feel better.
Man Child: You're not fat.

Uncertain whether loving men are born or made, I see a good one emerging. If the bother is taken to overlook the brown stains on the sock bottoms or the paper wads that didn't find their way into the waste basket or the scattered supplies from unfinished projects, won't She be delighted to discover this Hidden Gem? Sunshine and treasure in the midst of the abandoned pistachio shells on his bedroom floor. Thoughtful, perceptive and integral. Clever. Proud and defiant. Rough around the edges and tender hearted. Fearlessly loyal.

Concealed by a chaotic shell, the essence of a determined lovin' man child soothes fears and casts doubt on failure.


  1. So sweet. I am reading a book called 1000 gifts for a bookclub, don't know if you've heard of the book, but her writing style reminds me of your writing style!

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  3. I do know of that book, T, but haven't read it yet. Thank you!

  4. What a lovely post. I think a visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder's home would also reduce me to tears - and your son sounds like an Almanzo in the making.

  5. Lovely post! So rich in its imagery.


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