Then we sang about the lovin' things.

Entering Day 2 of my raw diet, I only cheated the tiniest bit by having piece of whole wheat toast with my peanut butter and honey. Otherwise being satisfied with salad recipes that include nuts and beans, I am not hungry. A headache creeps around behind my eyes. Maybe the sun. Probably a result of caffeine withdrawal. I could really enjoy a treat if not for the voluntary restrictions placed upon myself.

Following rules is not my favorite. I prefer to set my own and comply with myself. Being not that good of a person includes the sweetness of a Clementine and the bitterness of kale. The kale requires some work as you remove the stems. And, of course, the Clementine needs peeling but with a red bell to add color and a spicy onion, there's a reward to gain. Cabbage gives the interesting texture craved. A peculiar blend of dijon, balsamic vinegar and fruit juice livens up the place. Just for fun, embody the whole dish with a handful of crunchy nuts.

Contentment comes in all kinds of ways. Maybe break a rule or two to find it. But that was yesterday.