Who's bad?

• Over the four days of raw dieting, I cheated every day but the first. (But only with a little chocolate. It had to be done.)

• I've given up on Giving Up caffeine after having a massive migraine the day after not cheating.

• I'm too lazy to add the gift card I received to my Nook because I forget that I have to do it on the computer and I'm already on my Nook so I just keep on downloading samples and reading them instead.

• I purposed to have an older Nook because I knew laziness would take over if I had the fancy new one and no reading, only facebooking, would be accomplished.

• I don't remember how to delete samples from my Nook and I'm too lazy to figure it out.

• Because of not being that good of a person, laziness seems to be a constant struggle.

• And chocolate.


  1. At least you have started this. I have been toying with th idea of detoxing, but I just don't think I have the xo,mitment, I really like bread tok much.
    And wine.
    And coke.
    And, of course chocolate.
    Somi guess I'm as good as you, :)

  2. I'm gonna do it until the $200 worth of groceries I bought for this purpose are consumed. Then, I'm going to Disney World.


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