"People are always ruining things for you." - Salinger

Freddy isn't bothered by every noisy nuisance like Bella. She just can't relax. Take it easy, B. Watch some PBS.

Freddy likes to let a person sleep in of a morning. No need to wake the whole house to empty his bladder. Besides, it might be chilly out. Or drizzly. Or hot. Or mildly unpleasant.

Freddy enjoys a nice romp around the neighborhood, free and easy, when neighborhood children leave the gate open. He'll even indulge you in a fun game of tag. (He's a cheater.)

Freddy does not find a car an acceptable form of travel unless there's an element of danger involved. He's content only in the driver's lap, obstructing views and impeding movement.

Freddy feels strongly that the cats should remain fit and tidy, dutifully stationing himself by their empty food bowls and waiting to gobble up their intentions. (Freddy believes Bella could also stand to drop a few.)

And Freddy is firm on personal space.

Every time I look into Freddy's eyes, it's like we're meeting for the first time.


  1. Hello, I've only just met you because you left a comment on my blog this morning but I have to say, I have read this particular post about your Freddy three times now. I LOVE it! (am a bit of a sucker for dogs, myself...)


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