Get your texty on.

My mother is a reluctant facebooker. She likes keeping up with her people, grands and out of towners but resents the pressure of timely replies and insignificant status updates. She doesn't have anything important to say that requires an online audience. Why can't she just call someone if she wants to talk to them? She can do without dozens of daily game requests. Just when you think you're getting a meaningful notification...

She has, however, proven altogether adamant against texting, despite my determined attempts. Neither charming giraffe photos taken with smartphone apps sent while on vacation nor charming grandchildren photos dressed for success in smart uniforms can convince her to embrace such frivolous forms of technology. She refuses to read even the most succinct text messages. Strictly informative. She'll take her communication antiquated via digital cordless land line or perhaps email. Hmph.

Furthermore, she hates those automated check out lines at the grocery. She's absolutely not using them. They take jobs from people. A matter of principle, see.

A peculiar dichotomy, my mother is. She spent her career pursuing the latest technological advances as a commercial artist. The latter part of which she was an instructor who doubled as technician and maintained approximately 30 computers. It's not a matter of savviness but an outright refusal to engage as a Millennial.

But, mom, all the moms are doin' it.

Curiously, this standard does not seem to apply to DVRs and HGTV. She has likely read the entire manual for U-Verse. The hard copy, not on the Ipad. Rest assured dozens of Animal Planet episodes will be available when granddaughters visit. She has the capability to pause Dancing with the Stars if someone calls but please get to point quickly or future calls will be screened via yesteryear's answering machine.


  1. Flogging compliments of Glowless@

    Much thanks.

  2. HA! But magically she know exactly how to read an embarrassing mis-dialed text when you DON'T want her to see it.... So typical! Just like a mom!

  3. Clearly a case of non-acceptance rather than not being capable. My Mum, on the other hand would *like* to be able to text but hasn't quite been able to work it out. Go figure. Thanks for Rewinding x


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