Gratuitous self indulgence.

Having a truly great movie experience is challenging. Among my favorite genres are biopics, documentaries and character studies. Walk the Line and The Fighter. Grey Gardens, Spellbound and Supersize Me. Baby Boy and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Although I initially dismiss them, I tend to enjoy those comic book flicks. Iron Man and that Wolverine stuff.

Movie consumption must be an aesthetic experience. Emotion and thought provoking. Those independents please provided the themes are not too wacky, politics not too liberal, philosophy not too nihilistic. Gratuitous sex or violence just irritate. Amadeus, Magnolia, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

When comedy becomes a necessity, let it be of the cerebral variety or a mockumentary. The Grinch is the only, albeit immensely, enjoyable Jim Carrey. That Zach Galifisomething amazes albeit slightly gritty for my taste. Mission accomplished, I suspect. Waiting For Guffman and his pals, Best in Show and For Your Consideration. Genius people. That's what they are.


  1. Comic book flicks are my secret guilty pleasure as well. I haven't watched any of the comedies you listed though. I will have to put them on 'my list.'

  2. Definitely do that, Sarah! Btw, I enjoyed all your BlogHer blogs. Now that's on MY wish list. :)


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