I look around but it's you I can't explain.

Lovin' Man watches youtube in his spare time. Elvis, aliens and Big Foot. Rockers and such. Youtube is where it's at. He can't get enough of that stuff. Some girls have boys who follow sports or play golf. Some girls have boys who go out drinking with the guys. Not me. My guy is a Sasquatch Man.

I try and deny his preoccupation because it's not right. It's odd, at best. He may seem an average and reasonable man. Please just don't mention the aliens. Or the Nessie. At this point, he becomes animatedly unrecognizable. To me. I'm consistently surprised to find the related data stored inside his brain. My guy is a Sasquatch Man.

It's impractical. Illogical. Unmanageable. I walk away clean so as not to encourage or enable.

He's a lovin' man. He loves Golem and that strawberry bear from Toy Story 3. He loves an underdog. He had Robin underoos, not Batman. Given proper time and analysis, I'm certain of a silver lining. Maybe once the kids are raised. I'll save the analysis for later, but, definitely, my guy is a Sasquatch man.

"Baby, tell me all you know about The Sasquatch. You know something. I just wanna hear you say it. It's the science of cryptozoology."

No! I'm tuning you out because it's largely hokum.

What cannot be denied is this: I'm in love with a Sasquatch Man.


  1. HeeWho,
    Cryptozoology is the cutting edge on the knife of zoology. It is the theory and evidence before the documented discovery. It ain't hokum. It's a SCIENCE.
    (LUV me some Squatch!!!)

  2. Disclaimer:
    This blog is in no way intended to be scientifically sound.
    I am not a scientist. I only quote them from TV (Sheldon).

    p.s. Thank you for the spelling correction.

  3. Just think of it this way. With the addition of one little comma:
    "I'm in love with a Sasquatch man."
    would become:
    "I'm in love with a Sasquatch, man."
    and THEN you'd have yourself a bona fide condition.


  4. Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool hop, and this was a fabulous post... love it! Blessings!

  5. My husband and I are youtube watchers as well.... once you start youtubing cute baby animals an hours time can pass by in no time... and yes i am aware that i just turned you tube into a verb ;)


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