Sharp shooters.

My High Maintenance Boy does impressions. It's kinda his special skill. It started with "Hi, kids, and welcome to Veggie Tales. I'm Bob the Tomato", quickly advancing to early Bill Cosby and the Sham Wow guy.

His current bits involve members of the Booze Fighters, Debate Club Spence, Aunt Gail and Hyde from That Seventies Show. Actually no one and nothing is off limits, including Uncle Ryan and even Freddy.

He has an additional stable of original characters created with his baby bro, Man Child. Although I admire their clever creativity and commitment to back story, The Janitor, The Pediatrician and Grampa take on a static noise quality after 16 hours a day.

Less Is More is NOT the mantra of heady teenaged boys. More so a Shoot 'Til Ya Hit. Apparently, I'm a tough crowd in a house full of clowns.