Time makes bolder.

Usually, this time of year, I am nose deep in lesson planning.
Usually, I run into discouragement quickly as I am jaded enough to understand the discrepancy between what the schedule says and reality's voice.
Usually, I squeeze at least a half a glass from my depleting inspiration stores.
Usually, I dredge up some semblance of enthusiasm because, otherwise, I can't keep swimming and who wants to drown in a sea of grammar and math?
Usually, I am privately dreadful, feeling inadequate and unfit.
Usually, I am wondering how I will make it to Christmas and May is fuzzy at best.
Usually, I have guilt about said feelings and am not that good of a person.

Currently, I am peaceful.
Currently, I am proud of the Getting Here and Validation beckons.
Currently, I am savoring the hours Until and look forward to the In Betweens.
Currently, hope floats above the melancholy.
Currently, I see myself emerging and it ain't so bad.
Currently, I am certain of God's hand and answered prayers.

Next, I gather and glean.