Waiting for a girl like you.

Dear Young Self:

• Good instincts are not the same as wisdom.

• Wisdom requires patience so pray for that first.,

• Patience requires character development, inevitable, despite your prayers.

• The list of Things That Matter is longer than you think.

• Try not to beat yourself up when you finally figure out what really mattered because you can't know until you do.

• Your pride will create circumstances you don't know how to maneuver.

• Wallowing in said circumstances is unwise and lacks character.

• Under no circumstances should you attempt to proceed alone. That is how you created the first mess.

• Just because you can't see a way doesn't mean it's not there.

• Lack of vision may induce panic which is not recommended. Wait for a Good word, not the very next word, to ensure fresh strength for running without weariness and walking without fainting.

• The benefit of the doubt is always the perfect gift.

• Your instincts are sharp and still need tuning.

I'll be back later with an encouraging hug.

- Current Self


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