We all have wings but some of us don't know why.

While observing my offspring agonize over subtleties in relationships, I am vividly reminded of my first love. We fuss and fought over which movies to watch, how to get from one place to another, how much money to spend, what to wear and when Harry met Sally. Not realizing that there was a price to pay, lovin' words flowed freely. He expressed what he didn't understand, perspiring poetry. I said what I wanted to hear. Tumbled dry and buttoned down.

He says I don't even know.

He'd pull. Dream along with me. I'd push. Run faster. The duck park was our sanctuary. He was afraid and I was ashamed but we hurled ourselves further still.

He says I don't even know.

We took a trip. I insisted that we visit Andrew Jackson's Hermitage but I didn't have to because he was a lovin' boy. I didn't even know. The butterflies landed on us in Andrew's garden. He held one while I watched.

I do know butterflies like to land gently and not be caught.