You make beautiful things.

If you would prefer a nervous wreck of a mother, go on out without reporting your whereabouts so that she must call your phone (that she got specifically for this purpose and not so you can stay up into the wee hours talking to that questionable person from the mall while you should be sleeping so you'll be fresh for work tomorrow) and when you don't answer because you let the battery run down while chatting up said person from the mall all the live long night, she must send your brother around the neighborhood knocking on doors in his pajamas because he refuses to wear real clothes all the live long day until he finds you chatting up and borrowing coffee from the people next door who work at Starbucks which seems to her socially inappropriate and gives her one more thing to fret over.

If you prefer a frustrated mother, by all means, stay in your pajamas all day so that when she asks you to, say, go and find your missing brother or take the trash can to the curb because Tuesday is trash day and last week you forgot even though she told you 3 times (in a a 4 minute span) and you only took the inside bag to the outside can but not the can to the curb and now there is two weeks worth of trash and accompanying flies out there. Because when you run around outside in your pajamas and bare feet it means your fresh sheets will no longer be fresh which maybe shouldn't matter so much except that you have allergies and keep getting sinus/throat infections and missing your classes while we run crazy to the pediatrician and allergist and ENT in an effort to fix you so she can maybe get a decent night's sleep if all hell doesn't break loose on some other front.

If you prefer a grumpy mother, my advice to you is start each day in a grump and pick a fight with your sibling because he suggests that you not pour so much cereal as most days you end up throwing half of it away and people tell you and your bros daily to take what you want but eat what you take because this stuff ain't free, you know, someone has to use real money to pay for it. And while we're on the subject, ya'll stop putting your cleans in the dirties because you can't take the trouble to put away the clothes someone washed and dried and folded neatly in stacks. It's for you, not for Us.

Soap and water and utilities ain't free, you know.

It's only 10am and you seem to prefer a mother with high blood pressure and a migraine who's a broken record but used to be haute couture and now here you come and you've made something and you want to show me and it's really good and when you're told so you want to be lovey and huggy all the live long day and what kind of horrible bitchy mother am I for getting so uptight and now I can't sleep for wondering if you knew how resentful I felt so in the middle of the night I creep around and pray over you and me because that's the only way as none of us are that good of a people and I see it more now than ever but accept His grace on our lives no matter how lazy, forgetful, disorganized, manic, foolish, lusty, weak, judgmental, prideful, monstrous or bitchy we continue to be.

It ain't free, you know.


  1. I love love love your posts. SO REAL, So relevant. You are a blessing.

  2. Thank you so much, Shannon. :)


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