Her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining.

My beautiful baby daughter was a cuddler who shared my bed. She delighted me then with her chubby legs and tiny giggles. Even before she found her words, she communicated her determination for independence and even her stubbornness was thrilling. She sized us up and laid us out. Power to the pink people. She loved my arms best until she discovered her daddy's but I can't blame her for that.

Her chubby baby thighs morphed into long, lean legs that support a graceful figure with lovely skin, a strong heart and mind. Sometimes, she's a lovin' thing. Sometimes, she's kindly mean. Sometimes she's wickedly determined to get her way. She doesn't even know.

She shares:

This One found a secret note about the crush That One has and then This One got her feelings hurt and I felt really bad because That One was mean today and here's all the details because I need to tell every little thing on every little day since this is the last chance so relish the chatter and listen carefully. You will be quizzed later because little women are like big ones and need to know someone's listening.

My mother said, Oooh, I hope she's sassy. Well, thank you very much.

Observing her, free and easy, inspires unspeakable joy. With the wind at her delicate shoulders, her eyes are bright with light. My desire is never to see it go dim. The trick is preserving her gift while nurturing her spirit. Something inside me wants her to be the first one ever not to fear or hurt or lose. She is but one step behind me as I outrun my urge to scrub her world snowy white. Inevitably, she will catch up. Eventually, I will too.

She says, "Seven is a big year." She deftly navigates a whole new realm. She swims. She is brave on the other side of the state from us. She misses her Big Bro but carries the best of him in her heart. She contemplates Jesus and recognizes her need. She is washed clean the last day of her seventh year. She says, "Seven is a big year."

So now we can't take our eyes off Fantastically Amazing Eight.

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