• When we go to mexican restaurants, I will fight you for the salsa. Truth is, I'm always making my people go to Mexican restaurants.

• I get really annoyed when my husband brings home the millions of hot dogs left over from this event or that. Truth is, I quite like it when he brings the white wine.

• If a bill collector calls, I'm going to save the number but not answer. Truth is, I just need to know who to bump to voice mail.

• I bought 3 pairs of pants I don't really like but it's seems so much trouble to return them. Truth is, shopping is too depressing.

• My kids share allergy meds so I don't have to buy both prescriptions. Truth is, somebody's meds are too expensive.

• I'm awkward at encouraging my offspring at competitive events and athletic prowess. Truth is, I'm much more impressed when they say funny things like "Cross Country's finest!" as they walk into 61st place.