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"I'll teach you to jump on the wind's back, and away we go!" - Peter Pan

Sometimes, I am raring to go to the library.

Sometimes, I wonder how I will make it through Tuesday. Or Friday.

Sometimes, a redheaded sixth grader who is leaving this school forever (or maybe until next quarter) is having his last hurrah and his wild eyed apprehension has infected his classmates as evidenced by the bean bag tossing and floor wallowing which has commenced immediately upon entry.

Sometimes, I surrender and have redheads come sit by me and chat a while because he is untouchable when it comes to conduct points or pulled cards and this is my only real option to diffuse the situation.

Sometimes, I remember how charmed I am by boys that won't grow up and don't wanna go to school but I know that the Wendy would take charge so I do my best to herd the ruffians into "quiet reading" so they can reach their goals for the quarter.

Sometimes, dark eyed boys will request a second chance at being quiet so I might remove their name from the board at the end of class.

Sometimes, I pass out mints as they file out to anyone whose name is not on the white erase board including dark eyed boys but feign horror at their scandalous behavior.

Sometimes, I give them a Kermit the frog face on their way out the door.

Sometimes, they try and get in the mint line again and I say it's not too late to add their name to the white erase board.

Sometimes, they grin mischievously.

Sometimes, I find their broken pencils under the table and paper wads by the trash.

Sometimes, they break tables.

Sometimes, I admire their spirit because they are gonna need it someday.

Sometimes, that 45 minutes is exhausting and I am glad to be alone again with books.

Sometimes, I take a deep breath just in time for the third graders to show up.


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