Into marvelous light I'm running.

Momma Nearney lived to be over a century old. She kept a neat garden and baked cookies until the very end. We would visit her tiny apartment adjacent to the home of her son. A part of her legacy was that a couple of her great grands and great great grands, including me, resided in Momma Nearney's apartment and it contains her essence many years later. Her greatest legacy was how her solitary faith influenced all the generations she begat. She discovered Jesus without benefit of a family heritage and we children and grandchildren and uncles and aunts and cousins accept this as ours, largely due to the example she set.

She loved and lived humbly and I am grateful for this rich heritage as I watch my babies come into their own, realizing finally the sweetness of His love, fragrant in creation. As they develop eyes to see no other Fount can quench the longing and ears to hear the calling on their lives, choices are made and voices raised in humility.

Humbly, we are almost whole. It feels like home to me.