Loves like a hurricane; I am a tree.

If you want a mother whose naggy and frustrated of an evening, then see to it that you leave behind a pile of cat food atop the dryer where the cats dine because dogs won't let them otherwise. Or, if said dogs help themselves to last night's dinner leftovers from the garbage can and leave a half chewed corn cob on the futon, then leave it for someone else to clean up although, chances are, that someone will be your mother whose already firecracker angry because she has discovered your bro's new eye glasses lying in his bedroom floor along with a mound of clothes, helpless Cleans intermingled with hapless Dirties.

Or, if you can tolerate the furious sight of your mother in your doorway, weeping, gnashing and bemoaning the state of the hallway you share with your bro, try starting an argument with her over something totally unrelated and see how that goes because that's not working for her and it ain't working for you either.

It could be the that the day began with her fussing over breakfast with your sister who rejects your mother's tender loving care in favor of junky junk for breakfast which would never stick with anyone long enough to make it to lunch. Now she's fed up herself with the lot of you and a storm is coming so you best take cover or any one of you might catch the thunder because once it rages there is no stopping it.

Someone should put your mother to bed early but she waits for the laundry to wash and then dry because you need some khakis and a gray tshirt, too. While waiting she begins a series of text with your big bro who moved out to make his own way but she never stops worrying about him all the same and, sometimes, this alone is enough to make her impossibly grouchy and you are just the recipient when, on another day, she might cut you the slack she requires. So she takes a deep breath, remembers to say how fantastically amazing you are and determines to show you Just How with an embrace that you both desperately need but only realized it just now.

A carving by Man Child (who is fantastically amazing).