• Sometimes I aggravate Mr. Sugarman to get him back for choosing to cuddle with others.

• Maybe I shouldn't but he looks so cute when he bares his teeth like a miniature lion and blinks at my fingers.

• I really wish I was alone right now but I'm not and that makes me grouchy.

• Of course I love my family but sometimes I choose not to cuddle with them.

• I often try and force my eyes to stay open while I'm reading of an evening.

• It's stupid to stay up late reading because I won't wanna cuddle with anyone tomorrow.

• It's stupid to have hair that insists on a washing every Less Than 24 hours when I know that some people can go days.

• Baby powered hair is a poor substitute for clean hair.

• I feel dread about HMB driving.

• I feel irritated at HMB needing rides everywhere.

• I didn't vote in the last local election.

• My vote Sit Out was probably unfair. Surely, a couple of non crooks ran.

• Next time, I'll protest vote.

• That's 1 for Mr. Sugarman.