"Not all who wander are lost." - JRR Tolkien

Sometimes they're at the top of their game but sometimes they're on to mine. There's a loophole peeking around every shelf and on each spine.

Me: What are you looking for?

Clever Boy: A book.

Me: Well, I get that. What do you like to read?

Clever Boy: I'm looking for a 4 or 5 point book on a 5th grade level without too many pages.

Are you a mathematician? Because you don't sound like a literature lover. One must reach one's goals and this one is a player.

It's not exactly high brow literature but before judgement is cast consider that the addition of Captain Underpants into this library may be the first book to which a 3rd grade boy will relate while he's learning to assimilate. It may be just the spark he needs to get lit with Wimpy Kid or Clement's Frindle. A couple of smart writers have the ability to deftly absorb a self-described nonreader so he doesn't feel quite so Square Peg against rounded civility.

No one can resist Calvin and Hobbes' charm. Once placed into the hands of an 11-year-old boy, his vocabulary will increase about a jillion percent, in spite of dreaded spelling lists and busy grammar homework. The numbers prove it for those who consider that sort of thing important.

Me: You're a Reading Guy. You might like this book.

Closeted Book Loving Boy: No, I don't read that much.

Me: Are you for real? You're having your folks take you to the public library on weekends. You get books as birthday gifts. Just admit it, you're a Reading Guy.

Outed Book Loving Boy: Okay but I'd rather be known as a Sports Guy.

Me: Fair enough.

Compared to Worlds of Warcraft and Mario, reading a book is not as effortless a way to lose a Self but a more meaningful place to find One. Once Calvin and the Captain get ahold of 'em, these XBoxers won't even know what hit 'em.