Knee deep in the hoopla.

As younger parents, Lovin' Man and I were faithfully committed to video recording the wild shenanigans of little boys. It wasn't just Christmas, birthdays and special occasions. I'm saying there is enough material there to have produced a daily vlog. Many were even scripted in keeping with a mod vlog although we had never heard of such at the time. Little actors were delighted to be produced before they each decided in turn: I wanna be a director!

Each Christmas, Lovin' Man would take the year's offerings and edit them into a eight minute video and force our extended family to watch it at Christmas gatherings.

Oh, monsters, why did we create you?

Now I must duck behind corners in my own home to avoid inclusion into my offspring's youtube offerings. Much like our home movies, sometimes they're genuinely funny and terribly clever but, oftentimes, youhadtobethere is the refrain. Fred's mom undoubtedly feels the same. I can't be the only one.

When accused of being less than delighted over a new teen enterprise which includes various characters created from compilations of friends and relatives showcased for a web cam, I find myself saying things like, " Well, is your demographic 40 year old moms?" Or, "I might like it more if your hair wasn't in your eyes." Or, "Is this why your math grade has fallen?" That's when I realize with certainty I have not only crossed Generation Gap bridge but let it burn as well.

Secretly, I delight in the fearlessness and cleverness of them whatever the outcome because they Go For It, faithfully committed. And if it weren't for those pesky social norms, I could fully embrace Casey's Granddad, (who buys toys but won't share), Merk (who's obsessed with his brother Berk but we don't know what Berk's obsession is because only Merk can understand him), Hungry Arnold, (who eats paper fish he prints from the internet) or The Baby (an evil man in a baby costume). To name a disturbing few.

When I get me some grandbabies, I'm taking the footpath to cross the gap. And, boys, then it's gonna be on.