Take these sunken eyes and learn to see.

Sometimes you push and pull and work so hard to see results. Sometimes you catch yourself before you strain in vain to see results which aren't really there. The hardest work of all is the waiting and resting and trusting.

Sometimes you panic because you can't see beyond this moment and yellow brick has yet to materialize or fear you might not recognize it anyway. Then you fret or act in your own will or lash out because feeling hopeless has you angry and confused.

Sometimes you think you are doing your very best but someone is passively and aggressively working against you and you don't even know the depth of it yet. Sometimes you are working against your own self and you don't even know.

Sometimes you turn your back on every instinct inside of you because there is no other answer and too many are at risk for you to sacrifice at that altar again. But you can't walk away clean because it is almost unbearable and every moment is a trudge through prickly thickets, impossible to ignore. Every motion makes headlines in your mind: "One Foot In Front Of The Other" or "Simple Questions Left Unanswered, Distraction Blamed" or "Regrets Examined".

Sometimes, you wonder if you ever even knew the voice of God.

And, you remember, He has not abandoned you but you are walking and talking with Him through every step. And you are not the first and certainly won't be the last but, for now, it's just the Two Of You as He meets you right where you are. Like an Excellent Counselor, He lets you examine your own thoughts and motives and heart. Like a loving parent, he allows a little exposure because now you're really learning what it means to trust. Like a dear friend, He sends a surprising source to comfort and strengthen your hope so you can wait and rest this one more day until, like an Almighty, He can fulfill and reveal His good work in you.