Throw your soul through every open door.

Scarlett O'Hara may have been onto something. She often gets a bad rap, the green eyed vixen. But, she is experiencing trauma from a civil war and loss of life so she extrapolates her considerable charms into a coping mechanism which has heretofore succeeded. As for the rest, it's beyond her control and today she must do, not think.

The difficulty lies in the thinking because, for some, You Must Be This High is never high enough to ride That Ride. Once y'all are strapped in, there's no place to go but Low. Soon enough, the thrill is gone and y'all are left with a throbbing head and churning guts. For which, there is no help. Just cut your day short. Stuck on the hot pavement, feeling cheated, on the longest walk of a lifetime back to the car lot. While some planned ahead and noted the location of their vehicles, y'all skipped off carelessly and look what that got ya. It's probably gonna rain and y'all don't have the right shoes. So now, with the blurry pain behind one eye, there are two reasons for the stymied vision.

The most frustrating thought of all is the realization that all could have been avoided if only y'all would have left those thoughts to themselves. That is all they were ever good for.

Frankly, y'all are consumed with eroding thoughts which border on obsessive and regardless of how you stamp your foot or toss your curls, y'all can't change the past because it doesn't give a damn. So think about it Tomorrow is another day.