What's so amazing that keeps us star gazing?

My folks used to direct a puppet team. That is to say, a team of people who use puppets to entertain others. The team was church based and produced Christian themed programs. The puppets toured during the summer and took us along. The Muppets were huge during that era and, apparently, there was a market for traveling, God fearing puppets as well.

We took in lessons on how to perfect our craft. Lesson One: Don't flip your lid. That is to say, use your thumb while having your puppet speak or manipulate your puppet so that it appears to move it's "jaw", like a human. Never have the top of the head flip backward. If you could see it, you'd understand.

It's difficult trying to explain lid flipping and such, particularly when puppets have had their day. But, I can confirm a clear commitment to puppetry. Behind the scene, puppeteers are carefully considering the effectiveness of each manipulation. Every nuance is weighed. Every tilt of the head. Every hand movement. Every costume. Every yarn hair comb over. Was it funny enough or could it be better still?

With aching arms and sore thumbs, results speak for themselves.

Now the Muppets have made a comeback. It's inspiring to consider that some have made a career plus bank on puppets.

"Hey, Jim, how's that puppet thing working out for ya?"

"You still playing with those dolls?"

"You need to borrow money for what?"

"A frog hosting a variety show?"

That's absurd on the face of it.

Like Awkward Guy, who doesn't exactly fit. He lacks eye contact but you avoid it anyway because he will inevitably bring up that thing he obsesses over. Again.
His outfits are odd but he doesn't seem to notice. He may not always appreciate one's personal space. His sense of humor is cerebral but bizarre without the proper, as yet to be determined setting. To associate with him now may be social suicide. You'll need media approval before subscribing to his brand of quirky.
His time is Someday and If.

There are those among us to whom the rules don't apply. They do just what they set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers and you.


  1. I'm a fan of lovers, dreamers and all of yours!! Awkwardness and all!

    Aunt C


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