Carried me through desperation to the one that was waiting for me.

It took a while but Big Son finally made it into his world outside mine. He was not altogether anxious to come forth. His reluctance was difficult to bear but I was hopeful. Always hopeful. I didn't know how to not be.

If I could go back to there, I would encourage him to take a peek at the voyage which sails not only smoothly but through those tricky bits, too.

I would say: You'll enjoy seeing the texture of the water's surface. The terrible ripples are fantastic in the sunlight but thrilling by the light of the moon. Your skin will catch the spray at higher speeds but don't let that scare you. It's only a little water, I would say.

I would say, dive on in and allow your body some time to acclimate before you panic at the chill. It only feels unbearable at the moment of impact but this too will pass. You'll soon see how a cool splash can refresh and restore. You may have to tread for a time but keeping your head up will come naturally. Then it's smooth sailing again until you pick up another passenger or two so they can ride along, rippling and thrilling and refreshing and restoring with you.

Some would say: You have to try at the very least.

Yoda would say: Do or do not. There is no Try.

My own mother, and, undoubtedly many before her, would say: Everything doesn't have to be your favorite thing.

I would say, jump on in and find out why.