"There is no one alive who is Youer than You." - Dr. Seuss

What kind of pets do you have at your house?

4yo Jason: I have a dog at my house and a dog at my grandma's house. And my friend has a dog.

5yo Tatum: You didn't let me go yet.

We're going in order. It'll be your turn soon.

4yo Grady: I have a cat but it's not real.

5yo Tatum: You didn't ask me.

Hang on just a minute. It's Ally's turn now.

4yo Ally: I have two fish but I fed one too much food and it died like Jesus on the cross for our sins. And my brother gave it too much food, too.

4yo Jilly: I have a cat. Do you wanna know it's name is it? It's name is Tootie.

5yo Tatum: Can I go now?

Yes, it's your turn. What kind of pets do you have at your house, Tatum?

5yo Tatum: I have some dogs and cats. Don't you want me to tell you their names now?

Yes, go ahead.

One is named Jason and one is named Grady and one is named Ally...