La la la - Oh, well.

All I need is to sleep soundly for eight or so hours. And to wake refreshed with some semblance of energy. And that's all I need.

Except, I also need some cozy socks because this chill of a morning is ridiculous. And an electric blanket set on 6 & 1/2 'cause 7 is Too but 6 isn't Quite.

And spot free floors. And well behaved dogs that pass on trash diving opportunities. That's about it.

Except, of course, well behaved children who are always sweet to me and scratch my back without prompting and do my bidding without complaining would be lovely. And don't mock me when I use emoticons or insist I'm too old to say "whatevs".

And, maybe a movie to see on date night that's not dull or absolutely ridictable.

And that about does it.

Except, it would be nice to be able to eat whatever and whenever I choose and be fabulous in spite of it. Or, at the least, I need an indifference to chocolate treats with an eagerness for carb blasting exercise.

And, what more could I need really?

Except, if my blogs were always considered brilliant and inspirational instead of kindly weird and sorta confusing, I could find a tiny satisfaction.

One must find satisfaction where one can and accept that all desires shan't be met. And that settles that.

Except, I really do need a cheap catharsis to answer my realization that, sometimes sprinting but mostly plodding, I am just not that good of a person.

Whatevs. Like That could ever happen.



  1. BIG BELLY LAUGH! Just what the Dr. Ordered! And right at the moment I needed it! Very BRILLIANT AND INSPIRATIONAL! Thank you :^)


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