Ways in which I am, once again, Not That Good Of A Person include the following:

* I ate bbq with fries for lunch on the same day I had pasta for dinner.

* On days when I have bbq AND pasta, I don't dare count my Weight Watcher points.

* I moved extremely heavy book shelves, books included, but only solicited the help of one other person, priding myself on using my legs and not my back.

* I'm clearly not that good of a shelf mover either because, the next day, my lower back was in misery.

* I allowed a church van to pick up my 14 year old son for Bible study with too little info regarding logistics because I grew up in said church.

* When the bus arrived 2 hours later than I expected, I behaved without decorum towards the bus driver who'd been driving around in a van with 17 kids.

* Man, was I hot. And worried. And sleepy.

* I threw a fit in my raging panic. (It was a school night.)

* Then I turned on said child because I felt certain that a + b equaled c but my rage was misplaced on him because his only crime was poor communication.

* I had trouble sleeping, considering Not That Good.

* Sometimes, patience fails me and I am not that good of a person.

* Sometimes I just don't care and eat pasta with sausage and zesty lemon cream sauce anyway.